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Solar Power at Mix This!

Welcome! We're so glad you've found us. There's no membership here or club to join. We don't want your credit card number or care to know anything about you. We're not selling anything and there's no sleezy chat room here. We'd just like you to come in, have a look around and enjoy the site. Hopefully it will interest those studio geeks out there who may want to know what a "home" studio can be like when you have a fairly happening budget, and you have a clue about what's needed, what isn't and what's necessary just because it's fun! Also, anyone interested in having Bob mix their record or live concert video can have a look at his discography and contact Kelle Musgrave, Kelle@kmusicbiz.com for all mixing related inquiries. Please don't email Bob about mixing stuff or working at Mix This! Your email will be ignored.

Experienced surfers will notice that many of the pictures have links and cool rollovers, so be sure to keep that pointer scanning each page. Most of the Guest pics have links to their web sites, or ones that are somehow related. All links to us from other sites are welcome and enthusiastically encouraged.

And as for you expert website designer types, keep in mind the we really know nothing about HTML or particularly care to. We (David Boucher & Bob) have created this site totally on our own from scratch by reading the Dreamweaver manual. So, while sarcastic comments will be accepted when presented with a helping of humorous wit, please don't be cruel. We will be grateful for minor improvement tips though, and please report any dead links you may come accross.

Please make sure you don't skip the Lists, especially the Fun Quotes. If you have any comments on content, like stuff you think should be added, improved on or that you think is just lame, you can just keep your useless opinions to yourself, or you can e-mail them to us at bob@mixthis.com.

Mix This! is a virtual showplace for Apogee Electronics, so please be sure to check out all the latest products that can make your projects "Sound Amazing" at Apogeedigital.com.

We hope you find the site informative, interesting and most of all that you have a good laugh!

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